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Our food is 100% fresh

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Welcome to Mosaic grill Restaurant

Mosaic Grill Restaurant is 100% Moroccan Cuisine  considered as fast food outlet providing meals for eat in and take away.

Our Recipes are prepared as traditionally as possible from Fresh ingredients. We ovoid as much as possible  to use any preserved food in Cans or jars.

We cook from Scratch, that s why our food is amazingly tasty and mouthwatering.You will taste the difference and the freshness.

Our charcoal grills are carefully Marinated and taste with an aroma from north African and Mediterranean flavors, which makes a real difference from middle eastern cuisine.

Our Tagines have a magnificent  tastes fusion of many light and rich spices that are cooked in a special way to preserve all the flavorings.

Catering Services

We cater for all occasions like Weddings, Birthdays all possible Function , please enquire with Management

We have special Menus sets for all occasions
We also cater for Banqueting parties for many different establishments